Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well, this blog went on hiatus nearly as soon as it started. Bad Kaite! I've just moved from queer-friendly Brighton to the suburbs of North London, and I've mostly been working on my dissertation ('Not the Marrying Type': Spinsters in 19th Literature) and getting in touch with my inner domestic goddess. So far I have baked a lot, resurrected some coriander after a horrible heatwave nearly killed it, and I'm in the process of putting my study in order and remembering how the hell to cast on, so that I can knit some long stripy socks.

I've also discovered that the only nearby corner shops stock top-shelf pornography. So far, I've made a concerted effort not to shop there, although I'll need to put money on my Oystercard tomorrow and try not to look at the pictures of naked women's arses staring back at me. It makes me actively uncomfortable, and this week I decided that I'd had enough of giving money to a place that makes me feel violated. It's going to be a bloody inconvenience, but it'll be worth it.

In other news, I'm starting an admin job at a construction company tomorrow - apparently the atmosphere is very laddish...more on that this week.


Kaite xx


At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

Yay you're back in the world of the living. I'm only half there today-have emailed about the perils of hangovers at work.

It could be worse at your local shop. When an irish friend of mine (good Catholic girl) worked in a corner shop she ended up having to sell granny porn!


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