Friday, June 08, 2007

"We need to show our commitment to equality with policies on women and the family that reflect modern life. By promoting women’s genuine equality and putting the family at the heart of Government thinking, we will move the locus of political debate on to the things that really matter; tackling the gap between rich and poor and working towards genuine equality of opportunity, helping families live the lives they want."

- Harriet Harman

Hustings for the next Deputy Leader of the Labour Party are well underway. Today's Guardian has a good feature on the candidates, and in the website's 'Comment is Free' section, Polly Toynbee makes a persuasive argument to Vote Harriet.

Harriet Harman is committed to women's rights and family welfare. She's tenacious - her political career has suffered setbacks, but she's carried on trucking as a backbencher - she's bright and articulate - she put the other candidates to shame on Newsnight - and she's topping two seperate YouGov polls as both the most trusted candidate and the voter's choice win the deputy leadership contest. She's earned countless nominations from CLP's around the country - could she be the thinking woman's choice for Britain's next Deputy PM?

Hell, yeah.

To quote from her campaign material:

Throughout her career Harriet has campaigned for equality and social justice. During this campaign she has focused on the issues that matter to party members; affordable homes – tackling the housing divide, youth services in every neighbourhood, improving older people’s care, cheap, clean, public transport, equal treatment for agency and directly-employed workers and inequality – tackling the rich/poor divide.

So if you're a Labour Party member and you've just received a ballot through the post, give her your vote. She won't waste it.

(for reference, I made a more indepth post about women in politics back in January)



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