Thursday, April 09, 2009

Save Lambeth Women's Project!

I just received this from Naz Jamal from Lambeth Women's Aid:

We need your help.

Lambeth Council have effectively said they are giving our women's project building on Stockwell Road over to the neighbouring school. The suggestion is that we may rent part of the building back off them but this would of course mean the end of LWP as it stands - in spite of 30 years of functioning as a women's service for local women.

As we have been focussing on recovering from the floods of the winter we are not in a strong position to prove what has been happening in the building as it has not be useable for many months. My plan at the moment is to make it clear what our plans are for each of the spaces in the building and this is where you come in.

The following groups currently can be said to run out of LWP - Girls Rock! UK, the Remembering Olive Morris Project, High Tea and part of the Feminist Library, plus women's self defense classes. Regular meetings used to happen with local groups but the damp has stopped these - we will contact them to see what support they can lend and if they will return. Other organisations were going to be invited once the building was up and running again but I would like to do that now. So, if you have a class you would like to run at LWP, an archive that needs storing and public access (Cinenova?? Zines?) or a group that needs somewhere to meet (FAF? Kiss?) please CALL me today and we can start putting together a plan and a point of contact. If the school get hold of the building this women's space will be gone forever. We need to give the council as may points of contact as possible to show that a diverse group of women actually do want and need to use the building.

Please use me as your main point of contact. Ego is swamped in paperwork because of this news and I am around to co-ordinate plans. My number is 07973718431.

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be able to help. We will call a meeting at LWP as soon as we have figured out the legality of the situation - and if anyone can help with that or surveying the building please please ring me.


PLEASE re-post, tweet, forward on and generally do anything you can to stop this terrific resource from closing down!

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