Saturday, January 24, 2009

"It is both humorous and for your own good. Your bits are important and vulnerable no matter who you do."

The very fabulous Zoe Trope posted on her LiveJournal about her trip to the gynecologist for the following reason:
I think it's important to write about these visits because there may be some 14-year-old bi-curious lesbi-dyke reading this who thinks to herself, "Ovaries? Well I'll be okay. I'll just lick other ladies' genitals and I will not have to worry about my insides. No weiner, no problem."
Remember - regular sexual health check-ups are IMPORTANT. Oh, and if you're a lesbian and the nurse performing your smear test makes the assumption that lady-loving-ladies do not have penetrative sex, disabuse them of this notion. It doesn't matter if you yourself do or not, but dispelling myths is always a good thing. 


At 5:13 PM, Blogger tenderhooligan said...

You're blogging again. Hurrah! I am too, sort of. I'm tumbling more than blogging. Too many places, frankly!


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