Friday, January 16, 2009

A week in feminism

Weekly round-up of kick-ass posts, noteworthy events and GWaS' Woman of the Week.

Out & About: The Muffia, "trying to inspire people to question society's relentless portrayal of a female which is mostly white, thin and hairless."

  1. Zoe Williams, with whom I and every other Guardian reader I know have a love-hate relationship, criticises media coverage of Baroness Shriti Vadera, who has been denounced as a ball-breaker for daring to state an unpopular opinion this week.

  2. I profiled Rachel Maddow for Lesbilicious (look, they give bonuses for page views and I'm skint, OK?!)

  3. ...and when blogger Lisa-Marie Ferla tried to read the website on her phone, she discovered that the 3 network regarded the site as pornographic - DESPITE the fact that its own homepage links to 'adult' websites after 9pm.

  4. Ann of discusses the women who have been appointed to Obama's category, referencing GWaS' homegirl Hillary in particular.

  5. Screaming Into the Void posts about "hearing men attempt to justify all the bullshit of patriarchy through faux-academic faux-scientific comparisons or humans to the “natural”, animal world."

  6. A bill is currently going through Parliament to re-define the 'provocation' defence in murder cases - crucially, at the moment it only applies to immediate circumstances rather than ongoing situations such as abuse. F Word blogger Kit Roskelly says:

    "This law is the relic of an earlier age. Light sentencing for men who kill
    their wives reinforces and permits the assumption that men are by nature
    sexually possessive and prone to uncontrollable violence which it is unjust to
    punish them for. It also upholds the notion that women have no right to attempt
    to leave abusive situations, or to defend themselves from violence."

    Hear, hear, Kit!

Women of the Week: The Muffia, a Guerilla Girls-esque troupe of London- and Manchester-based feminists "who create performance, comedy and political interventions in reaction to the culture we live in." Where do I sign up?!

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